Monday, March 23, 2009

WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, just announced that Island Essentials Tent & Event Rentals of Emerald Isle has won the 2009 Bride’s Choice Awards™! In its inaugural year, the Bride’s Choice Awards recognizes and honors vendors from the WeddingWire Network that demonstrate excellent quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value of cost and flexibility.

This year’s recipients represent the top three percent of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which includes over 100,000 wedding vendors from across the US. That means Island Essentials Tent & Event Rentals is one of the very best wedding equipment rental providers. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the company, the Bride’s Choice Awards are determined exclusively by recent newlyweds through surveys and reviews. “We are excited to launch this annual award program to honor high-performing vendors based solely on the experiences of our WeddingWire community,” according to Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s recipients have set the bar high, exhibiting excellent service and expertise in the wedding industry.”

Island Essentials Tent & Event Rentals of Emerald Isle would like to thank our past clients for speaking on our behalf and helping us win the 2009 Bride’s Choice Award! “We just couldn’t be more pleased with receiving this honor from Wedding Wire! Our partnership has done amazing things for our customers and our business” says Jamie Wax, the Owner of Island Essentials Tent & Event Rentals.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wedding Decor Tips

Decorating Tips

Crystal Coast weddings and receptions can take place at so many beautiful venues indoors, outdoors, next to a giant fish tank or amongst local history. Where ever you are hosting your event, every venue is unique. Decorating your event sets the tone and mood for you and your guests. Whether you are looking to recreate a feeling or to have an unforgettable experience, picking the right decorations is key. Here are some things to think about.

What is your personal style? Are you laid back, casual, trendy, sophisticated or romantic? You may want an evening wedding with rich hued flowers and glowing candles. Or a more contemporary setting with lounge furniture and jewel toned linens. Maybe an outdoor party with hanging party lanterns and a tropical tiki bar. What ever you decide make sure it reflects your personal sensibility.

Know your budget and work it! This helps determine exactly how many decorations you can have at your wedding or reception. It’s likely that equipment and decorations will be the next to the last thing you purchase or rent. Careful budget planning and execution will help avoid unwanted stress and disappointment. If your budget it tight think about renting the more expensive pieces you won’t reuse. Some rental equipment companies you work with may even be willing to purchase reusable items after your event.

Take pictures of your event site. We know you’ll be watching “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway” and Googling pictures of your wedding ideas. You can easily overwhelm yourself with great ideas! Taking pictures of your event sites allows you to look back at the site to visualize if your idea will work. It also helps your wedding planner and/or vendors share your vision for the big day.

Less is more. Many venues at the Crystal Coast are already festive since many of them are local attractions or locally owned and operated. If you are having a 4 course meal your reception tables will already be crowded with place settings, you may only need one tall centerpiece instead of a centerpiece and candles. The natural beauty of the beach only needs enhancing during your ceremony with maybe a few decorative starfish hanging from a beach bench or chair.

With thorough planning and a little creativity you can plan the wedding of your dreams, not break the bank and give your guests an affair to remember.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Deluxe Beach Bike

The bike path in Emerald Isle has changed they way folks get around in Emerald Isle. That's why we decided to upgrade our rentals. Introducing our latest addition to our long line of rental gear...the Deluxe Beach Bike. This PHAT manufactured lightweight bike comes complete with a drink holder, a set your own combination lock and a waterproof zipper pouch to store all your things while you cruise the bike path or have a leisure ride along Ocean Drive.

Weekly Rental Price.....$75*

Daily Rental Price........$15*

*Includes delivery and pick-up from your location.

Our recent partnership with Bikes-R-In of Cedar Point has taken our bike inventory to a whole new level. While we will remain the go to rental store for our Deluxe Beach Bike, Bikes-R-In extends service to our customers with bike sales of all kinds, multi-speed bike rentals and bike service.

Call or go online today to book your Deluxe Beach Bike!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Clean Beach Policy

Island Essentials is proud to announce our "Clean Beach" policy!

Do to recent concerns by our employees and our town government on our Sea Turtle population and beach cleanliness; we have a new environmentally/wildlife conscious company policy. Each night we recruit the help of our customers by asking them to remove all rented items from the beach and store them in a secure location at their vacation home. If they have a physical condition which prevents them from lifting some of our heavier items we are glad to be of assistance with special arrangements, which can be made with anyone in our office.

We are so thankful to be part of such an environmentally and wildlife conscious community!

Below is some additional information about these causes and how you can help...

May 1st thru October 31st is
Sea Turtle Nesting & Hatching Season in Emerald Isle

Please HELP by observing the following:

* FILL IN ALL HOLES that your children dig (mother turtles
can get stuck AND people walking at night can be seriously injured)

* REMOVE tents, toys and beach gear overnight!

* KEEP OUTSIDE LIGHTS OFF at night (they disturb nesting
mother turtles and distract hatching baby turtles toward the light but
away from the ocean which is where they need to go)

* PICK UP TRASH especially plastic bags (turtles think they are
jellyfish which is their main food source and eat them and get sick)

* FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL in North Carolina (the noise
keeps mother turtles from coming on shore to nest and disturbs baby
turtles during hatching)

* CALL THE POLICE at 252-354-2021 if you see a nesting or
hatching turtle or anyone disturbing a marked turtle nest area

No flashlights or flash photography...If you see a nesting or hatching sea turtle please STAY QUIET, sit down and enjoy the show !!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kayak Rentals

Island Essentials is excited about a brand new addition to our beach gear rentals...Kayaks! Our single and double sit on top kayaks are perfect for padding around the sound under the stars or braving the surf under the sun. Each rental includes life vests and paddles. We'll even deliver and pick it up! We offer full day and weekly rentals. Call us or visit our website to start your next kayak adventure on the Crystal Coast!


Single Kayak Daily: $45

Single Kayak Weekly: $185

Double Kayak Daily: $60

Double Kayak Weekly: $240

Island Essentials - A Linen & Leisure Supply Company
208-A Bogue Inlet Drive
Emerald Isle, NC


Monday, June 30, 2008

Essential Tent and Event Rentals

For many years our inviting beaches have been making vacation dreams come true. Wedding and Family reunions now bring generations closer together on beaches all across America. The Crystal Coast* in North Carolina has been fortunate to have families and newly engaged couples plan their special events in our area.

Island Essentials is pleased to announce the newest addition to our Leisure Supplies - Essential Tent and event Rentals.

“Let us put the Leisure back into your most important day!” We have everything you need to make your most important day leisurely. Whether it’s your wedding day, renewing your vows, your annual family reunion or a corporate retreat our event specialists and online reservation system makes reserving your party rentals quick and easy.

*The Crystal Coast including all areas of Bogue Banks (Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, Indian Beach and Emerald Isle), Beaufort, Morehead City, Newport, Cape Carteret, Cedar Point and Swansboro.

We are also proud to be one of the few companies, in the equipment rental industry, that accepts online reservations. Look us up today!

Island Essentials Goes Green...

Well as green as we can. Being in the delivery and laundry industry means energy and gas are necessary to run the day to day operations. So we decided to find new ways to give back, or rather, someone we love and cherish very much shared her vision with us...and we agreed:)

Introducing our Think Global - Think Recycle Program

Think Global – Think Recycle. Not only are we dedicated to making your vacation and special event carefree but Island Essentials and all its employees have great care and appreciation for our community and its longevity. We chose our inviting signature colors because they reflect the natural hues of the ocean and sand found on the Crystal Coast. It was only natural for us to pass our love and dedication of the coastline onto our customers. Our “Think Global – Think Recycle” program allows our guests on the Crystal Coast the opportunity to recycle and keep our beaches clean. Each of our beach chair packages is delivered with a convenient recycling bucket for our guests to use during their stay. We are fortunate to be surrounded by natural beauty here on the coast. The “Think Global – Think Recycle” program is just one of the ways we, as a globe, can give back to the earth.
Island Essentials - A Linen and Leisure Supply Company
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